3 Common Leadership Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Featured image: www.smartceo.com

As a leader, the responsibility to head your team in the right direction can be rather daunting! And it’s not always easy to know whether the leadership decisions you’re making are the right ones.

You may have the right intentions, when it comes to helping your team achieve success, but along the way you’re bound to make mistakes. No leader is without their flaws after all. It’s simply inhuman to not make mistakes!

There are some mistakes, however, which you may not even be aware you’re making. And it’s these types of mistakes that have the potential to do the most harm.

So to help you recognise a few ‘blind spots’ that you, and many others may have, we thought we’d share 3 of the most common leadership mistakes, and let you decide whether or not you’re guilty of making them.

1.Failing To Provide Continual Feedback

There’s a fine line between nit-picking and constructive criticism, and leaders can often shy away from giving their employees valuable feedback, in fear of looking like a persistent faultfinder.

But failing to confront bad habits, as they arise, will be detrimental to both your business and your employees.

2.Being Too Busy To Talk

When you’re swamped with paperwork and tight deadlines, it’s difficult not to see a ‘knock on your door’ as an unwelcomed interruption.

Even so, it’s never a good idea to place your work over employee needs, as this sort of habit will make you seem unapproachable, and will cause employees to stop seeking your guidance. This, of course, makes it harder for them to achieve the company’s objectives.

3.Not Following The Rules That You Enforce

Being a leader does not make you exempt from the company rules that you set or enforce.

Whether you like it or not, employees will – to some extent – look to you as an example. So you can’t expect them to follow the rules that you break.

If you find yourself relating to any of these common leadership mistakes, there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. A good leader is not someone who’s without faults, a good leader is someone who sees their mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow! So give yourself a break and don’t stop learning and growing.