3 Super Fun Team Building Exercises For Your Workplace

There is no better way to really bond and get to know your employees, than with team building exercises. As they are designed to ‘break the ice’ and show each person in an entirely different context.

By getting your employees to participate in certain team building exercises, you will be able to gain more insight into their unique personalities, as well as strengths and weaknesses – valuable information that can be used to your company’s advantage.

But seeing as a large determinant of your company’s success has to do with your team’s ability to function as a coherent unit, we’ve drawn up a tailored list of fun team building activities to help your workforce operate more effectively.

Increase Your Company’s Performance With These 3 Team Building Activities

1.The Paper Tower

 The Outcomes: This exercise is aimed at improving group problem-solving and the ability to think quickly under pressure.

How It Works: Employees must be divided up into groups of two or more. Each group must be given an A4 sheet of paper and instructed to build the tallest paper tower possible. The rules are as follows: they are only allowed 5 minutes to do this, and cannot use any other materials besides the paper.

After The Exercise: Discuss how each structure was planned out, which team worked more efficiently and why.

2.A Truth And A Lie

 The Outcomes: This team building activity will help your group get to know each other better and increase personality awareness.

How It Works: Have your team sit in a circle and ask each person to think up two statements about themselves, with one being the truth and the other a lie. Participants are not allowed to reveal which statements are true or false. Once everyone has decided on their two statements, each person must have a chance to share them with the group. After someone has shared, the rest of the team must have an open discussion about what they think is true or false. They must then write their guesses down individually.

After The Exercise: When the true answers have been revealed, points can be awarded for guessing others’ statements correctly, or for tricking others into believing personal lies.

3.Talking In Circles

 The Outcomes: This team building exercise should improve group problem-solving abilities, as well as communication skills.

How It Works: Your team must stand around a long circle of string. Each person needs to hold onto the string with both hands and hold it up to their waist. The challenge is to get them to create different shapes (such as a circle, square, triangle etc.) without allowing them to take their hands off the string. After they have completed a round, get them to shut their eyes and repeat the chosen shape (they will have to communicate with each other in order to get this right).

After The Exercise: Discuss what communication techniques worked well, and what could have been done better.

What’s really great about these 3 team building exercises, is the fact that they are extremely low-cost and don’t require large amounts of space – allowing you to carry them out in your office!

So what are you waiting for? Try these awesome ideas, and let us know what your team thought by leaving us a few lines in the comment box below.