4 Effective Ways To Handle Work-Related Stress

Everyone experiences a little work-related stress from time to time. Tight deadlines, and never-ending piles of paperwork can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and overstretched.

But if the idea of going to work each day has got your blood pressure through the roof, and your personal life is starting to take strain, then perhaps it’s time to recognise that your stress levels are out of control.

When stress isn’t managed effectively, it can lead to symptoms such as insomnia, decreased energy levels, reduced work efficiency or productivity, anxiety and depression.

So to avoid placing your physical and mental wellbeing at risk, it’s important to learn better stress management strategies.

Take a look at these 4 effective ways to handle work-related stress, if you’re wanting to breathe easy and regain your composure.

Stress Less At Work With These 4 Stress Management Strategies

  1. Set Boundaries

By constantly answering work-related calls during dinner, or missing your kid’s sports matches because you need to work late, you’re allowing work to take over your personal life. While you may need to make some after-hour sacrifices every now and then, it’s important to establish boundaries and know when it’s time to switch off that phone or lock up and go home.


  1. Begin Better After-Work Habits

Although there’s nothing wrong with slouching in front of the television and eating a little comfort food after a stressful day of work, beneficial habits, such as exercise and healthy eating, will help you manage stress more effectively during your workday.


  1. Take Time Off To ‘Recharge Your Batteries’

Sometimes you need to completely disengage from all work-related activities to return to your normal stress-free self. But in order to do that, a little change of scenery is required. And that’s exactly what your leave days are for! Hike in the mountains, splash in the sea or spend some quality time with your family. When you take time to do what ‘fills your tank’ you’ll find your energy levels returning to normal and you’ll be

better equipped to face any new challenges when you’re back at work.


  1. Address The Stressors

Whether it’s clients with unrealistic expectations, or a boss that demands more than you’re capable of, it’s important to voice your frustrations or concerns. More often than not, your boss or your clients will appreciate your honesty and adjust their requirements to suit your capabilities.

Ultimately stress is an unavoidable part of life. And although there’s nothing you can do prevent stressful situations from happening, you can improve your ability to cope with them!

If these 4 ways to handle work-related stress have been helpful, we’d love to know – leave us a comment in the box below and let us know which stress management strategies you enjoyed most.