Why Bfor Mobile Contracts Are The Ideal Employee Incentive

When it comes to dealing with employee issues such as retention, motivation and morale, it’s no surprise to see more and more employers turning to incentive programs for solutions.

With a wealth of evidence supporting the idea that incentives improve employee performance, it’s easy to see why incentive programs are gaining in popularity.

A recent study, conducted by the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, has shown that tangible incentives increase work performance by an average of 22 percent! The study also provides a strong link between organisations using incentive systems and retaining higher quality workers.

Bfor Mobile Offer Affordable Employee Incentives

Although there is little doubt surrounding the effectiveness of incentive programs, it is unfortunate to see employers put these initiatives on hold due to exorbitant expenditure.

But not all employee incentives have to come at such a cost. Incentive packages, such as the ones offered by Bfor Mobile, are structured in a way that is beneficial to both employers and employees.

Our contracts give employers the unique opportunity to help all their staff – including those who are black-listed, or who have a bad credit rating.

By enabling employees to gain access to brand new smart phones or tablets, through payroll deduction, employers are able to offer employee incentives without increasing company expenses!

Bfor Mobile Contracts Unlock A World Of Opportunities For Employees

After witnessing the growing number of South African employees who couldn’t get mobile contracts through the major networks, owner and CEO of Bfor Mobile, Richard Palmer, was inspired to develop mobile packages as a means to give employees access to educational and informational platforms.

“I knew I needed to step in and find a way to give more South African’s access to smart technology and ultimately the Internet. My solution was offering employees access to a mobile contract through payroll deduction, with no credit check,” said Palmer.

Thanks to his innovative thinking, employers can not only reap the benefits that employee incentives bring, but are also able to open up a world of opportunities to families of the people they employ!

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