Why Personality Awareness Is Key To A Successful Business

Have you ever been guilty of judging your employees according to your own strengths? The truth is, we all do this and we often end up wondering why others can’t just be more like us!

Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself, ‘life would be much easier if we were all the same, surely my business would run more effectively!” Well, in reality, your team would fail dismally if everyone had the same personality and thought alike.

Why We Need Different Personalities In Our Team

Although we may have various strengths and talents that make us feel qualified to lead our teams in the right direction, we also have a good number of weaknesses as well.

Where one person may overlook something, another may point it out straight away. And often, the core factor behind this sort of difference in perspective is ones personality, as it defines our strengths and weakness.

So it stands to reason, that having a wide variety of personalities in your business can help compensate for individual shortcomings, and therefore make your team stronger.

Personality Awareness Leads To A Better Understanding Of Your Team

We need the joker who lightens our spirits and helps us cope with work-stress; we need the perfectionist who keeps the quality of our work up to standard; we need the peace-keeper who helps resolve any conflict at work , but what’s more important than having all these different personalities at work, is being able to understand them in order to function as an effective team.

That’s why personality awareness is vital to operating a successful company, as the more we learn about each other, as well as ourselves, the more we can improve the way in which we communicate, motivate and persuade each other. And this, in turn, helps to make our business more efficient and more successful.

When we start to realise that our brains are all wired differently and that it’s a good thing they are, we begin to create an environment that gives our employees and our business room to grow!

So help your team understand each other’s differences, by getting them all to take this quick personality test, and hold a group discussion on individual strengths and weaknesses in order to increase personality awareness.