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How Far Does South Africa Have To Go To Shatter The Glass Ceiling?

Image: www.womenshistory.about.com Although the issue of gender equality has improved significantly since 1994, progress in the business arena has been painfully slow. According to a recent report by Grant Thornton Accounting, South African women make up a mere 26% of business leadership positions. This figure reveals a lot about the status of women in South Africa, and reminds us that the ‘glass ceiling’ is not simply a construct of the past, but an ever-present reality. […]

6 Different Leadership Styles And How To Make Them Work For Your Business

Featured Image: www.schools-training.com Although most leaders have a dominant leadership style that influences the way they motivate their team, they do not have to be limited to using that one particular style for every scenario. Latest research suggests that leaders need to be more flexible in the way that they motivate their team, and adjust their leadership style according to the needs of their team. A recent Harvard Business Review study, led by psychologist and […]

3 Common Leadership Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Featured image: www.smartceo.com As a leader, the responsibility to head your team in the right direction can be rather daunting! And it’s not always easy to know whether the leadership decisions you’re making are the right ones. You may have the right intentions, when it comes to helping your team achieve success, but along the way you’re bound to make mistakes. No leader is without their flaws after all. It’s simply inhuman to not make […]